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Robert W. Holloway, MD

GYN Oncologist

* Member of the AdventHealth Medical Group

Office Locations: Orlando

To some, the life of a dairy farmer seems worlds apart from that of a top robotics surgeon, but after growing up on a farm, Robert Holloway, MD, left the green pastures to develop cutting-edge surgical technology. In fact, Dr. Holloway has become one of the most respected robotic surgeons in the world, teaching advanced robotic surgery training courses to both American and International surgeons. He regularly directs and speaks at robotic symposia in South America, Europe and Japan. When stateside, Dr. Holloway serves as the principal investigator for many clinical trials and research projects seeking more advanced treatments for gynecologic oncology conditions, such as ovarian cancer.

Dr. Holloway earned his medical degree from Vanderbilt University and completed a gynecology and oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital. Even as co-medical director of AdventHealth Gynecologic Oncology, a founding member of AdventHealth’s Global Robotic Institute, clinical professor at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Holloway insists his skills all come down to working with his hands, a trait he picked up while on the farm.

Just as his mechanical skills stretch back to childhood, this world-renown surgeon is still partial to outdoor activities, including fishing, deer hunting and water sports. You may even spot him as he cruises through Winter Park on his motorcycle. When not working with patients or teaching, he is often in the lab. Research has become his pastime, which he compares to golf, the hobby of choice for many of his peers. It’s where he combines all the things he loves: teaching, discovering, changing things and making a difference.

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