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Questions About Our Services? We've Got Answers.

From pregnancy guides and baby care to advanced urologic and gynecologic services, our online resource library provides the information you need to make informed choices about your care. As always, if you have additional questions, all you have to do is ask.

Obstetrics Resources

Bring your baby into the world with a specially trained team that’s dedicated to you and your family. Learn more about our Birth Experience Team, concierge services and more.

Pregnancy Guidebook

This guide was prepared to educate expectant mothers on what to expect during pregnancy. Topics include common conditions during pregnancy, prenatal testing and even traveling while pregnant.

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Preparing for Delivery Day

Understand what to expect and plan your delivery day with tours and access to your own Birth Experience Coordinator.

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Parent Education and Ongoing Support

Our goal is to make sure expecting parents are knowledgeable and feel supported throughout this exciting journey.

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Pregnancy Guide by Trimester

To help put you at ease, The Baby Place at AdventHealth for Women has created this “roadmap” as a guide of things to do to help prepare for your new arrival.

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Packing for delivery day

Delivery Day Packing List

When the time comes to deliver your baby, it’s easy to forget to bring certain items that can help make you more comfortable during your labor and subsequent hospital stay.

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Body After Baby Checklist

Take this quick survey to find out if you have symptoms associated with postpartum changes.

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Birth Wishes

When the time comes to welcome your baby, we want to deliver a personalized birth experience for your milestone moment.

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Pediatric Developmental Checklist

Every child develops differently, but we're here to support if your child may benefit from therapies to facilitate developmental progression. 

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Facts Sheet

AdventHealth for Children provides world-class care and technology for our smallest patients. 

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What to Expect for a Scheduled Induction

We are excited to help prepare you for your labor induction and the arrival of your little one at AdventHealth for Women. Please review the information on this guide prior to your arrival at the hospital.

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Baby Steps to Discharge Class

Before you are discharged from the hospital with your newest addition, watch this video to learn more about what you need to know before bringing home baby.

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Baby Place Moms Group

A private group for our Baby Place moms to share in the joys of motherhood, as well as receive support during hard times. 

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Infant Sleep Safety

By following the ABCs of infant sleep safety, parents can help prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and rest easier as their newborns sleep soundly. For more on infant sleep safety, visit

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Gynecologic Resources

Your most sensitive health concerns are our priority. Find comfort in our educational resources for all your gynecologic needs.

Pelvic Rehab Symptom Checklist

If you experience any of the listed symptoms, pelvic physical therapy may be right for you.

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Breast Health Resources

At AdventHealth for Women, our breast care services are comprehensive and convenient. Discover renewed peace of mind with resources designed for you.

7 Tips for Breast Health

Reduce your risk of Breast Cancer with helpful tips and tricks from our team at AdventHealth for Women.

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7 Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

7 breast health tips to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

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A little extra guidance can go a long way. Sign up for our email series designed especially for pregnant moms and get information and advice tailored to your due date. Wherever you are on your journey to motherhood, we’re there, too — with support, encouragement and expertise.

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