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Mom snuggling with her new baby and toddler

Meet Our Moms

Pregnancy and birth may have some ups and downs, but we're with you every step of the way. Hear firsthand from moms who welcomed their babies at AdventHealth for Women.

AdventHealth Moms Share Their Stories

See what these amazing women have to say about their birth experiences.

Kristie B. Family Cropped

Meet Kristie B.

Hi there, I’m Kristie! I have worked for AdventHealth since 2007 and I have always bragged about the genuine compassion shown to our patients and families. But it was not until I became a patient that I truly felt our mission for Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ from ...

Coke Family

Meet Megan C.

My name is Megan, and on Monday Nov 25, I gave birth to two beautiful babies, Harper and Ryan. My wife Lindsey and I wanted to take a moment between feedings and diaper changes to recognize those who made their birth possible.

Schwartz Family

Meet Lindsay S.

My name is Lindsay S. and I have been lucky enough to give birth to both of my beautiful daughters at AdventHealth for Women in Orlando. Our first daughter Rachael was born June 2017 and we most recently welcomed Audrey in April 2019. 

Temblador Family

Meet Elaine T.

My name is Elaine T. and I delivered my son on June 1, 2019 at AdventHealth for Women. I'm a mom to a nine-year-old girl, so it was like starting all over and trying to remember what to expect during my pregnancy.

Wentworth family

Meet Steph W.

My name is Steph! I'm a mom of three boys, all who were born at AdventHealth for Women in Altamonte Springs. I chose to have natural, non-medicated births and loved the atmosphere and everything that AdventHealth offers in their birthing suites.

New born baby girls

Meet Tanya D.

My name is Tanya D. and I delivered my twin baby girls at AdventHealth for Women last year. When we found out we were having a baby it came as quite a shock, but we were super excited.