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Meet Kimberly M.

Kimberly M. Family

My Name is Kimberly M. and I had the wonderful pleasure of delivering both my children at AdventHealth Celebration while under the care of the fantastic Dr. Mary Langenstroer. To say I was in the best of hands was an understatement. Both pregnancies I had a natural, medicated birth (Yay for epidurals). 

I have been going to AdventHealth Medical Group OB/GYN (formerly A Place for Women) for over 10 years and when I finally got to call and schedule an appointment to verify my pregnancy it was like calling a best friend. From the second you get to the check in it is like family. I had oodles of questions and all were easily answered during our appointments, not by me asking but of how everything was explained during the appointments.

I was under the care of Dr. Langenstroer during both pregnancies and my first pregnancy with my son was without any complications but it felt like it was the slowest part of my life since I was so excited. My son went 5 days past his due date and I went into labor on a holiday when my water broke. His birth was a long, painful and hard one but the nurses of AdventHealth Celebration were there for all 22 hours of it, along with my 3 hours of pushing. They were coaching me along, literally held my hand through it all and were as excited as I was when my son finally popped out!! All 8 pounds, 12 ounces. I’ve never been so tired and so happy in my whole life. Trusting the doctors and nurses was easy. My recovery from his birth was a bit harder but I had all the support in the world from the recovery nurses.

With my second pregnancy I was expecting a little girl. Each and every appointment was fun because I got to catch back up with the team at AHMG.  At 33 weeks I went into premature labor but it was caught early by Dr. Valverde. She swiftly sent me off to AdventHealth Celebration for observation. I spent 23 hours at the hospital and they were able to stop my contractions and I was so happy to be sent home. I ended up being on modified bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. I also went straight into weekly appointments, which actually wasn’t bad at all since everyone was always so kind and friendly at the doctor’s office. I ended up delivering my baby girl at 38 weeks. She was 7 pounds even and her birth was a dream compared to my son’s. I didn’t even know I was in full on labor since her contractions were so much less severe than my sons. One contraction, 4 pushes and out she came. My recovery was a breeze. I was able to enjoy every second of my stay in the recovery wing. 

I know everyone says that each and every birth is different. Which they are, but there are some constants when you choose Dr. Langenstroer and team. There’s the wonderful and loving staff, the amazing doctors that I have gotten to look at as family and the amazing care of all the staff at the hospital. My birthing days are done, which is bittersweet since my experiences were amazing. Thank you to all!!