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Transition to Parenthood

Congratulations! You’re a parent now. And as you transition into parenthood, we want to help you make sure that the bond with your partner stays strong as you go through this journey together. 

Research shows that all couples experience some stress and struggle with the addition of a child. Our Transition to Parenthood class gives expectant and new parents the knowledge and confidence to transition from just the two of you into a family. In this fun and informative single-session class, you’ll explore:

  • Five Ways to Build Friendships
  • How the Quality of Your Relationship Impacts Your Baby’s Care and Development
  • The Importance of Dad for Baby’s Care
  • Top 10 Reasons Transitioning Into Parenthood Can Be Difficult

It’s been shown that when parents are better prepared, they’re happier, with less risk of depression. They also report greater satisfaction in their relationship. As a side effect, they engage in more positive interactions with their baby, too, which leads to healthier development for your infant or child.