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The Baby Place Academy®: Education and Support

Our team is here to prepare you for pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with classes led by registered nurses and certified parent educators. Expecting moms and partners across Central Florida can gain confidence going into parenthood with classes at The Baby Place Academy.

For your comfort and safety, several of our classes are offered virtually. 

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Childbirth classes. Breastfeeding support. Baby care basics. The Baby Place Academy will be your village even before your baby arrives.

For our Volusia County moms, please visit for more. Lake County moms can access additional classes at Polk County moms can visit

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Childbirth Education Series - VIRTUAL

Our new virtual three-class series taught by certified childbirth educators will help you and your support person prepare for labor, delivery and beyond because we know how important it is for you to be informed as you prepare for your baby's arrival. 

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Childbirth "Refresher" - VIRTUAL

It's been a few years since you had your first, and you're expecting again. Now is the perfect time to refresh your knowledge with this refresher class for you and your partner.

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Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth - VIRTUAL

You're excited to deliver your baby and have taken a class about childbirth basics. Now it's time to learn more about relaxation techniques from massage to birthing tools.

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Virtual Comfort Measures
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Cesarean Section Class

Are you having a planned cesarean birth? Our cesarean class will help you plan and prepare for your cesarean birth and recovery.

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Postpartum Preparation

Planning for your postpartum period is equally as important as planning for the birth of your baby. This class will examine the needs of the postpartum family and help you develop a plan for postpartum support and preparation.

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The 4th Trimester - VIRTUAL

Everyone shares what to expect when you're expecting, but what about body after baby? Learn about changes to expect and how to prepare for them.

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Virtual The 4th Trimester
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Dancing for Birth - VIRTUAL

This birth preparation “trifecta” includes feel-good fitness (pre/postnatal), birth wisdom from those who know, and celebration of the states of motherhood - from pregnancy to mothering - all rolled into one session of fun.

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Virtual Dancing for Birth
Pregnant mom yoga

Prenatal Yoga - VIRTUAL

Your body is constantly changing during pregnancy. You need time to take some deep breaths and relax. Our Virtual Prenatal Yoga classes help you increase strength and flexibility, have a more comfortable pregnancy, a more functional birth and clear your mind. 

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Virtual Prenatal Yoga
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Baby Care Basics - VIRTUAL

Our two-class Baby Care Basics course is now being offered virtually! Whether you’re a new parent, adoptive parent, or a grandparent who needs a quick refresher, we’ll give you the foundation you need to care for a newborn baby.

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Virtual Baby Care Basics
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Breastfeeding Class - VIRTUAL

You want to provide nourishment and comfort to your newborn - and breastfeeding does both. But for a new mother, the experience can present both physical and emotional challenges. Our Breastfeeding Class gives you caring support and preparation prior to your delivery.

baby doll CPR

Infant and Child CPR

You've covered all the baby basics. Now, learn how to save your baby's life in case of an emergency. Your safety during this class is our top priority, so we're limiting class size, sanitizing thoroughly and requiring mask use.

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Sibling Class - VIRTUAL

Introducing your child to their baby sibling is a special moment, and you want everything to go smoothly. Our virtual sibling class prepares your children for their new baby brother or sister. 

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Virtual Sibling Class
Baby with dogs

Baby Meets Fido - Virtual

Pet parents, join us for an online Meet Fido class to become confident, knowledgeable and mindful of how to introduce your newborn to your furry friend. 

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Virtual Baby Meets Fido
The Baby Bunch

The Baby Bunch - Virtual

When you give birth, you become a member of a very special group: new moms. The Baby Bunch is now offered virtually as a weekly gathering for new mothers where you can support one another and share parenting tips, milestones, and joys.

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Virtual Baby Bunch
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Little Music Makers is an early childhood music group that provides a positive and success-oriented environment that promotes developmental milestones in areas like language, social-emotional, cognition, and movement through music. 

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Register Here
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Breastfeeding Support

Our internationally board-certified lactation consultants are available to provide personalized virtual and safe, in-person consults as needed. Our consults are complimentary and can address concerns such as positioning, latch issues and milk production. To schedule a personal virtual or in-person Breastfeeding Consultation, please call 407-303-7650 to speak with one of our experts.

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Heart of Florida Childbirth Class

This class is designed specifically for mothers and their labor partners preparing for delivery day at AdventHealth Heart of Florida.

A pregnant mother and her daughter on the couch.

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A little extra guidance can go a long way. Sign up for our email series designed especially for pregnant moms and get information and advice tailored to your due date. Wherever you are on your journey to motherhood, we’re there, too — with support, encouragement and expertise.

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Breastfeeding Support

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastfeeding can satisfy all your infant’s nutritional needs for the first six months of life. But it’s about more than just feeding — it also creates quality bonding time with your child that comforts them and nurtures feelings of safety, security and love.

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