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Expert Care for Your High-Risk Pregnancy

Our top priority is the health of you and your baby. That’s why our specialists create an individualized care plan that considers your unique risks and challenges — and keeps your journey to motherhood on the safest possible path.

Support and Guidance at Every Step

No one wants to hear the words “high-risk pregnancy,” but we hope you find comfort knowing that our team of specialists is always prepared to help you. At both AdventHealth for Women and AdventHealth for Children, our Comprehensive Fetal Medicine programs are designed to support your pregnancy day by day, week by week, guided by your Birth Experience Coordinator and customized care plan.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Cerclage Placement and Follow-Up
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
  • Diabetes Management
  • Fetal Diagnostics
  • Multiple Gestation Management
  • Pregnancy Loss Evaluation and Treatment
  • Prematurity Risk Evaluation and Prevention 

Your pregnancy may be high-risk if you:

  • Are Older Than 35
  • Have Learned You’re Having Twins (or Triplets!)
  • Have Pre-Existing Health Conditions
  • Were High-Risk in Past Pregnancies

Your doctor will consider your baby’s development and your unique health history to determine if you need extra monitoring or special care during pregnancy or delivery. 

If your pregnancy is considered high-risk, you’ll be regularly screened and monitored for any issues or complications. Your High-Risk Unit team will coordinate with both your obstetrician and the Level III NICU at AdventHealth for Children and keep you well-informed along the way. 

Our perinatologists specialize in high-risk pregnancies, genetic screening, and fetal and maternal testing. We provide gestational diabetes management, prematurity risk evaluation and prevention, and prenatal counseling. No matter your circumstances, rest assured that our maternal-fetal medicine team is equipped to guide your baby into the world. 

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Personal Care Coordination

If you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or fetal complications, you need extra support. Our Health Navigation Team will act as your personal guides, talking you through what to expect, scheduling appointments and connecting you with a Birth Experience Coordinator for guided facility tours. They'll be there every step of your health care journey with encouragement and expert guidance. 

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A high-risk pregnancy can be an unpredictable journey. Sondra delivered twins at 33 weeks after overcoming several complications along the way.

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