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Placenta Accreta Expertise for Your Healthy Delivery  

When you’re bringing your baby into the world, nothing is more important than your health and safety. If you’re facing placenta accreta spectrum, you deserve to be in the capable hands of AdventHealth for Women Placenta Accreta Program providers who’ve guided healthy births for women with this condition — and will be there at every step of your pregnancy and delivery, too.

Helping Expecting Moms Understand Placenta Accreta

With morbidly adherent placenta (MAP) conditions like placenta accreta spectrum, we know that being informed is key to your peace of mind. If you’re at risk for this condition, or are already diagnosed, choosing an experienced team for your prenatal care is essential. In the AdventHealth for Women Placenta Accreta Program, our providers will devote all their expertise to you as we navigate your pregnancy and delivery, together.

During a baby’s development, the placenta is attached to a layer of the uterus that is shed during birth. With placenta accreta spectrum, the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall during pregnancy and can’t detach during delivery. Placenta accreta is a spectrum because it has three different levels, ranging from least to most severe:

  • Placenta accreta: the placenta grows too far into the uterine wall
  • Placenta increta: the placenta grows beyond the uterine wall and attaches to the uterine muscle
  • Placenta percreta: the placenta grows beyond the uterine wall and muscle, sometimes reaching other organs

Placenta accreta spectrum can cause significant complications during delivery, including excessive bleeding and prolonged hospital stays, and can be life-threatening to the mother. As the rate of cesarean deliveries has increased in the U.S., so has the rate of placenta accreta, which has quadrupled since the 80s.

Unfortunately, placenta accreta spectrum is not completely preventable. The common placenta accreta spectrum risk factors include:

  • Prior cesarean delivery (especially multiple cesareans)
  • Placenta previa, a condition that can stem from a low-lying placenta (when it partially or completely covers the cervix)
  • Previous uterine surgery
  • Multiples (twins or triplets)
  • First- and second-trimester bleeding with other risk factors for accreta
  • Pelvic irradiation
  • Advanced maternal age (over age 35)
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Smoking

Our team of highly trained specialists knows how to care for women with this rare and complicated condition. We are a multidisciplinary team that works together to care for you and your baby at every stage of your pregnancy. You can count on each member of our team, including:

  • Maternal-fetal medicine specialists
  • OB/GYN hospitalists specializing in placenta accreta spectrum
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Interventional radiologists
  • Surgical critical care specialists
  • Neonatal intensive care specialists
  • Gynecologic oncologists
  • Cell-saver specialists
  • Clinical nurse specialists

Because of the complications that come with placenta accreta spectrum, proper diagnosis and management from a team that’s experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition is extremely important.

Our highly specialized team in the AdventHealth for Women Placenta Accreta Program uses advanced diagnostic imaging to help diagnose problems early in your pregnancy, so you can get the care you need before, during and after your delivery. Once a diagnosis is made, our high-risk pregnancy team and OB/GYN hospitalists will work together to develop a personalized care plan for you, with placenta accreta ultrasounds and more.

Getting answers early can help you and your care team be proactive and make informed choices throughout your pregnancy. If you’re concerned that you may be at risk of placenta accreta spectrum and would like an evaluation, your physician can refer you to our AdventHealth Medical Group OB/GYN Hospitalists office by calling 407-303-0410 or faxing a referral to 407-303-0417.

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At AdventHealth for Women, our experienced providers offer comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care, including placenta accreta spectrum treatment and more. Our Orlando location provides access to an inpatient, high-risk pregnancy unit, dedicated obstetrics operating rooms, a Level IV neonatal intensive care unit and OB/GYN hospitalist coverage 24/7.

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