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Meet Our Mom - Cathy

Cathy and her husband, Eli, came to AdventHealth for Women to give birth to their baby girl in September 2019. However, shortly into childbirth, Cathy experienced an amniotic fluid embolism, forcing her clinicians, including Dr. Gargey Patil, Dr. Lucinda Kjerulff, and Dr. Kyle Crofoot, to quickly jump into action. The team of clinicians worked to perform a series of life-saving surgeries, including open heart surgery in OB, and time on ECMO, that ultimately led to saving her life. Cathy's baby Chloe was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

"I cannot thank my OB physician, Dr. Patil, and the entire team enough, for saving my life. God led me here for a reason and without you all I wouldn't be here today."

Cathy has partnered with the AFE Foundation to spread awareness and help others through her story. She wants others to know that while her road to recovery has been a long one, it's been worth it.

"Overnight I was incapacitated, and that was a shock. I remember my husband bringing my daughter into my room so I could meet her. Seeing her is what gave me the strength to get better. Over three and a half years later, I'm still in speech and physical therapy recovering. It's been a long journey."

Nurse educator Patty Furey says this patient had a profound effect on the team and that's why they continue to do drills for emergencies.

"It's not just a job, it's people's lives. We have to be prepared for these rare events, when you plan for a baby, you don't think about things that could go wrong but it's up to us to be as prepared as we can be."

On March 27, 2023, Cathy, Eli, and Chloe visited the team for a heartfelt and emotional celebration of life. 

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