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Meet Loudeline M.

Loudeline M and Xander.

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, my son arrived into this world and he’s perfect in every way. This is not how I intended on him entering the world, but God had a different plan.

I developed preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome (a variant of preeclampsia) and because of this, it was medically necessary for Xander to arrive 7 weeks early.

I am thankful that I listened to my body, thankful for my husband who drove with a purpose to the hospital. Thankful to Dr. Lynda Balint who did everything necessary to ensure that my health and the health of my son was not compromised. Xander was expected to be in the NICU for four weeks, but after 11 days Xander was discharged.

Once again, the nurses and staff at AdventHealth supersede my expectations. Both myself and Xander received exceptional care and for that I am thankful.

Say hello to my son Xander Elijah Milerose. Xander means splendid in Arabic and to his village Xander is splendid in every way.