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Advanced Procedures With a Personal Touch

Facing a condition that requires surgery can be overwhelming. But with a team of world-class surgeons who value compassion as much as expertise, you’re in the most caring and capable hands. Overcoming pain and discomfort is possible.

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Minimally Invasive Options

Our surgeons have special training in the latest minimally invasive, robotic and single-incision surgical techniques. In fact, more than 96 percent of our procedures are performed robotically, vaginally or through a single incision laparoscopically. These advanced, less-invasive techniques reduce pain and get you back to the life you love more quickly.

The Anovo™ Procedure

The Anovo™ Surgical System, developed by Momentis Surgical™, is the first and only FDA-authorized surgical robot that features miniature humanoid-shaped arms with shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints that mimic a surgeon’s precise movements for high agility and dexterity. It is designed to enable the minimally invasive transvaginal approach for benign gynecological procedures including hysterectomy, salpingectomy, oophorectomy, adnexectomy, and ovarian cyst removal.

Research shows that Anovo, by enabling the clinically preferred transvaginal approach, offers better patient outcomes including faster recovery, less pain, reduced infection rates, less need for pain medications, and virtually no visible scarring compared to other approaches.


Surgeons in operating room using the da Vinci Surgical System

The da Vinci® Surgical System

With the da Vinci® Surgical System, we can have a magnified, 3D high-definition view during your procedure plus robotic arms that make finer movements than any human hand. It provides your surgeon with enhanced precision, dexterity and control, and leads to less pain and scarring, lower risk of infection, and a faster recovery time for you.

The Senhance® Surgical System features the smallest instruments of any robotic platform — just 3 millimeters in diameter — allowing for virtually scarless procedures in gynecological and general surgeries. Using these small instruments, your surgeon makes tiny incisions, meaning you’ll have less pain and a faster recovery.

Surgeon performing surgeon.

Performed by our specially trained surgeons, vNOTES (vaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) is an innovative approach to hysterectomy and other gynecologic procedures. With vNOTES, patients have benefited from no visible scarring, less pain, reduced use of medication and a faster recovery time.

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