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Mother and baby laughing together

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding can satisfy all your infant’s nutritional needs for the first six months of life. But it’s about more than just nutrition — breastfeeding creates quality bonding time with your child that comforts them and nurtures feelings of safety, security and love. Count on our experienced team for personalized breastfeeding guidance.

Four Easy Ways to Find Guidance

Breastfeeding Line

The Breastfeeding Center at AdventHealth for Women is available to new moms and is staffed by our certified lactation consultants. To discuss breastfeeding issues, please call 407-303-7650 to speak with one of our consultants. The Breastfeeding Center is open from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.

The Baby Bunch

The Baby Bunch is a weekly gathering designed for moms of young babies from newborn to 12 months old. The group is a welcoming community for all mothers, with helpful discussions on feeding options, infant development and maternal health. This is a great way to meet moms just like yourself. 


The Baby Bunch meets in person once a week. Register here.


Breastfeeding Consultation

One-on-one breastfeeding consultations are designed for moms who need extended, private assistance to ensure successful breastfeeding. As always, our certified lactation consultants are committed to helping you work through the challenges that come with feeding time. Breastfeeding consultation is by appointment only, and in some cases can be billed to insurance. To schedule an appointment, please call 407-303-7650.

Breastfeeding Class

You want to provide nourishment and comfort to your newborn, and breastfeeding does both. But for a new mother, the experience can present both physical and emotional challenges. Our Breastfeeding Class gives you support and preparation prior to your delivery. Register online to take the class before your baby's birth.

When to See a Breastfeeding Consultant

Many women experience ups and downs when it comes to breastfeeding. If you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone, and that help is here. Our certified lactation consultants will work with you if you're facing any of these conditions:

  • Abrasions or trauma to nipples
  • Baby has not regained birth weight by two weeks
  • Baby is unable to correctly latch due to fullness of breasts/areolar tissue
  • Less than six wet diapers in a 24-hour period
  • Little or no swallowing in 48 to 72 hours
  • Nipple soreness continued past seven days
  • No change in the fullness of breasts after feeding has ended
  • Unable to wake baby for feedings

To discuss breastfeeding issues, please call 407-303-7650 to speak with one of our consultants. 

Call us at 407-303-7650 

Mothers' Milk Depot

Central Florida’s first milk depot serves as a safe, controlled collection point where women can donate their breast milk for premature and at-risk infants in need. We make it easy for moms to help other moms provide vitally important nutrients to their babies. 

We have Milk Depot locations at AdventHealth Orlando, AdventHealth Daytona Beach and AdventHealth Waterman, and we ship frozen breast milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida.

AdventHealth for Women is associated with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida, a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). A HMBANA milk bank not only screens and tests its donors, but will also pasteurize and then test (culture) the milk before bottling for shipment. Only donor milk from a HMBANA milk bank can be safely given to pre-term, hospitalized infants. Milk banks depend on “drop off” milk depots to meet the growing demand for human-donor milk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends giving pasteurized donor human milk to premature infants when a mother’s own milk cannot be used. Unfortunately, the United States has a critical shortage of human-donor milk, making mothers' milk donations much more appreciated. This pasteurized donor human milk provides lifesaving benefits to premature and at-risk infants.

You can donate your breast milk in four easy steps:

1. Call the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida at 407-248-5050 to complete a 10-minute screening

2. Complete and return the milk donor screening and consent forms

3. Complete a free blood test

4. Bring your frozen donor milk to the Milk Depot at AdventHealth Orlando, AdventHealth Daytona Beach or AdventHealth Waterman for shipment to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida