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A Florida couple outside holding hands at a picnic

Real Stories From The Heart

You’d like living proof. It’s right here. Real people who put their trust in our expertise and whole-person care are thriving today, and we’re happy to share their inspiring stories.

Hope and Healing Are Here

Pamela (center) and family

Taking Charge of Her Health

Learn how one woman's family history led to her taking charge of her health and electing for a hysterectomy to reduce her risk of developing cancer in her lifetime.

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Sandra's family

An Unpredictable Journey

A high-risk pregnancy can be an unpredictable journey. Sondra delivered twins at 33 weeks after overcoming several complications along the way. 

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Ashley and Luna

Ashley's Personalized Birth Experience

When Ashley became pregnant with her second child, she knew she wanted to find a new OB/GYN her would support her wishes for a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC). When she met the team at AdventHealth for Women in Orlando, she knew she had found the right place to support her pregnancy journey.

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Breast cancer survivor.

Three Survivors Share Encouragement

Surviving breast cancer can make you grateful, empowered and strong. Hear the stories of how three women beat breast cancer and are spreading the message of awareness and early detection. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women throughout their lifetime.

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Marie Guthrie AdventHealth for Women testimonial

A Life-Saving Mammogram

After a mammogram and 12 months of compassionate care, a stage III breast cancer survivor gives AdventHealth for Women credit for where she is now: watching her children graduate.

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Patient discussing her positive experience at AdventHealth

Relief from Pelvic Floor Problems

Cassie learned that urinary incontinence and discomfort weren’t symptoms she simply had to learn to live with. Robot-assisted surgery and a caring specialist made all the difference.

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Francesca and son at the beach

Lifesaving GYN Care

After Francesca's fallopian tube had burst from an ectopic pregnancy, Dr. Kristell Valverde performed emergency surgery. Francesca credits Dr. Valverde with saving her life and hopes that Dr. Valverde be there to deliver her future children.

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Sondra and Leo in the NICU

A NICU Story at AdventHealth for Children

Sondra Rae's twins, Siena and Leonardo, spent two weeks in our NICU before going home, and we're honored to be part of their family's journey to feeling whole.

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Josephine and baby Mila

Birth Experience and Blessings

After a great experience delivering her son with us, Josephine chose to deliver her second child with us at our Winter Park campus. This time, her labor was quicker. Soon after Mila's birth, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and spent a few days in the care of our NICU. 

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Sarah and her two girls

Two High-Risk Pregnancies in Under Two Years

With two high-risk pregnancies in under two years, one being during a pandemic, Sarah leaned on the expertise and relationship she had with her care team at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs to bring two beautiful girls into the world.

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Cindy and friends

Overcoming Endometriosis

After years of pain, Cindy found hope through Dr. McCarus and the team at AdventHealth. With surgical intervention for her late-stage endometriosis, Cindy is back to excelling at work and enjoying life.

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Rebecca Husband and Twins

Twice the Celebration: a High-Risk Pregnancy Journey

Rebecca’s journey to motherhood started with two pregnancy losses. However, once she found the High Risk OB team at AdventHealth for Women, she knew they had found the right team to create a personalized, safe plan to care for her and her twins.

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physician with mom and baby

OB/GYN Hospitalist Program

Our OB/GYN Hospitalist physicians and certified nurse midwives are  clinical experts in obstetrical care and gynecologic emergencies

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Patient, Amy Major

Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy

After excessive pain and clotting, Amy found her diagnosis through Dr. Stockwell and the team at AdventHealth Celebration. With a minimally invasive hysterectomy using the Anovo Robotic Surgical System, Amy is back to work and enjoying life with her son without any pain getting in the way!

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Finding Relief with the Pelvic Health Program

Lori Ellison knew something was not right after experiencing the intense urge to urinate and leakage when sneezing. Lori sought care with the Integrated Pelvic Health team at AdventHealth for Women where she received a multidisciplinary approach to get her back to feeling whole.

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